We keep developing and innovating, offering a wide range of products that help our customers and clients achieve their ambitions. Our collaborative approach means we can share knowledge, platforms, skills and responsibility like never before.

Sustainable Green Wall

We are committed to improving the environment and helping to make the cities we live in more sustainable. Our green walls products help buildings become more energy efficient which leads to a decrease in carbon emissions. They also mitigate the urban heat island effect, absorb and filter stormwater, reduce pollution and act as carbon sinks.

The interior and exterior living green walls function to cool the air in the warmer summer months by a process known as “evapotranspiration.” The summer months see the added advantage of building insulation thus reducing energy costs for cooling the building.

In addition to using a wide range of native and locally adapted vegetation on our green walls. We are offering two main type of products as shown blow:


  1. LivePanel, sustainable plant wall
  2. A living picture made of plants

Surveillance System

We are carefully designed with our partners to offer the highest quality video monitoring and management software, exceeding market standards and expectations, while providing tailor-made features for a wide range of applications. Today it has more than 240 manufacturers worldwide and over 6500 models of devices integrated to the system, complete alarm system and automation, reading automobile license plate, intelligent module of image analysis, integration with any access control system, biometrics, CRM, ERP, city management software, among others. our products the following markets:

  1. Governments on the federal, state and municipal level
  2. Court Houses
  3. Local Police
  4. Military
  5. Industry and Infrastructure
  6. Universities, Schools and Colleges
  7. Hospitals
  8. Hotels and Resorts
  9. Gamming / Casinos
  10. Homes and Condominiums
  11. Roads and Concessions
  12. Retail
  13. Banking
  14. Supermarkets

Cloud-Based Video Surveillance

Cloud-Based Video Surveillance record video in the cloud, eliminating the need for on-site servers. rapidly deploy Cloud-Based cameras without any network configuration required. Centrally monitor all our IP cameras from the Witness eyes web application or from  Security Center website

System updates and maintenance managed by the Witness eyes cloud subscription-based service provides greater purchase flexibility

Witness eyes Cloud-Based video surveillance protect your property or building with bleeding edge motion detection video security surveillance software and get imminent notification for any abnormal event.