Telecom and Security System

Security System

We provide you wide range of services in security division starting from physical equipment ending with cloud and complex high tech solutions depended on your NEEDs and WANTs. Also here share with you our experience in VMS (Video Management System) and how you can make everything secured.

We are providing our services to: 

  • Governments on the federal, state and municipal level
  • Court Houses
  • Local Police
  • Military
  • Industry and Infrastructure
  • Universities, Schools and Colleges
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Gamming / Casinos
  • Homes and Condominiums
  • Roads and Concessions
  • Retail
  • Banking
  • Supermarkets

Telecom Services

We provide Installation & Commissioning services of all latest and old Telecom Equipment used in the industry with the support of highly trained & equipped Engineers and support Technicians.

We are providing high quality of services to our customers through our talented staffs, which are able to work with multi-vender equipment in the industry. 

In addition, provide a secured solution for communication (TETRA and DMR) to serve critical communication infrastructure.